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Search Engine Optimisation

The most effective way to attract the highest quality and relevant traffic to your website. We will work to increase you online position and monitor the progress

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Pay Per Click Advertising

We will placing specific adverts and target specific audiences within Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

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Social Media Marketing

We can build you an online community and help manage the distribution of quality information about your business, latest news and new products.

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Conversions Improvements

We will test the usability of your site and identify problematic areas that could be reducing affecting your number of saes and enquiries.

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Welcome to Promodo

Turn your online presence into a powerful customer attraction system.

Here at Promodo we have a team of specialists to help you to develop your business through the strategic use of internet marketing.

An online marketing company, established since 2006, we have a proven track record of helping our clients to attract more customers throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our online marketing agency services include:

With designated UK based Customer Service Professionals supported by our technical teams in the Ukraine we are an internet marketing company providing you an incredibly cost effective way to turn your online presence into a powerful customer attraction system.

Contact us today to get a quote for how we can help develop your business. Telephone 0203 137 6681



  • Https craze - how to please Google and not hurt your website

    As the announcement has been made and the necessity of a good webpage ranking cannot be denied, it becomes vital for us to review all of the factorsthat are interconnected with the transition that websites will face when they modify their URLs from http to https. One of these factors is SSL or the security certificate issued to HTTPS connections; and is discussed below in detail. Read more